10 Wedding Thank-You Gifts for Parents or Parents in Law

Wedding Thank-You Gifts for Parents or Parents in Law

Best Wedding Thank-You Gifts for Parents or Parents in Law

Hello! Reading this article, you probably have a wedding plan on your mind. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with everything, but we will give you 10 interesting suggestions for wedding gifts for your parents.

Go ahead! You can be inspired by them. And we’ll go a step further and show you how our texts are presented on our portraits – as one coherent gift.

In addition, we will combine it with the most frequently asked questions that will show you how to order such a portrait.

1. “Man is great not by what he has, but by what he is; not by what he has, but by what he shares with others ”. Thank you for everything you shared with us.

The excerpt is based on a quote from John Paul II.

Best Wedding Gifts for Parents

Can I put thanks, wishes or dedication on the portrait?

Yes, we will make a portrait for you based on your submitted photo, and then we can include a fragment of the text in the lower part. These can be any wishes – not necessarily listed below. All you have to do is send them to us with photos to our e-mail:

2. Your love is the fuel that makes man accomplish the impossible.

Thank You Wedding Parents Gifts 1

What photos should I prepare to make the gifts for parents?

Wedding thanks to the parents are portraits made before the wedding – this means that the portrait will not feature a lady dressed in a wedding dress and a gentleman in a stylish suit.

We assume that when you get married you have some nice photos together – just choose a few of them and send them to our e-mail. We will get to know them, verify their quality and develop something beautiful for you.

Do they have to be studio photos – taken by a photographer?

There is no such necessity.

Of course, if you have such photos from a professional photo session it’s a great thing. However, we can also handle photos taken with a mobile phone, although it’s worth paying attention that the photos are of good quality – clear, without blur. We will verify the rest.

3. You give us happiness when we lose it. When we experience something beautiful, you experience it with us. You are praying for us even when we have prayed only for ourselves. You would give the whole world to us if you could. Thank you!

Wedding Thank-You Gifts for Parents or Parents in Law

How many portraits to buy and can the thank you text differ?

Usually, wedding thanks for parents are ordered in quantity of two. Of course, you can also order a single portrait. We usually make such single thanks for couples who’s one side has lost their parents.

You also have full freedom regarding the thank you text. The text can be completely different on each of the portraits or we can make a slight modification from the plural to the singular – when there is only one parent on one side.

4. Dearest parents! Your heart and love is the most beautiful place that cannot be lost even when the hair turns gray. In the entire space of the Universe, there is only one such place.

Wedding Gift Ideas for Parents and Parents in Law

Do we have a choice on the style – flowers?

Yes. Whichever of our portraits catches your eye, all you have to do is point them to us and we will try to develop a similar portrait for you. You can choose floral arrangements from all categories.

5. Thank you for sharing this day with us and for how much you have given us throughout our life. Without you this special day would not make sense. We wholeheartedly thank you for being here today and every day.

Best Wedding Gifts for Parents

How long does it take to make a portrait? How much earlier should we order a wedding thank-you gifts for parents?

It usually takes 5-6 calendar days to make thank-you gifts for parents. If the topic is urgent, we can treat the project as a priority and even work during the weekend, but we have no influence on the courier’s work. Therefore, it is safest to request the project 2-3 weeks in advance and we will agree on all the details.

6. Dear Parents. You have always been an example for us. Thanks to this we are proud to achieve our goals. We owe you eternal gratitude and complete repayment for your great love.

Wedding Thank-You Gifts for Parents or Parents in Law

Will I get a portrait for approval?

Yes. Before framing the thanks to the parents, we will show you the portrait and ask you to accept the project. We can make corrections if necessary.

7. Dear Parents! Thank you for being a part of our lives, for your love and for giving us wings at every stage.

Wedding Gift Ideas for Parents and Parents in Law

What about the frame colour? When can I choose the frame colour?

We usually use white or black frames. In the case of wedding thanks for parents white frames are definitely dominant but it all depends on the portrait and each portrait is different. Therefore, we recommend choosing the frame colour when you receive from us the portrait for approval. We will put the thanks in a white and black frame so you can decide which version looks nicer.

8. Dear parents! You are the friends who gave us life.

Wedding Thank-You Gifts for Parents or Parents in Law

Are the portraits properly secured during transportation?

Yes, the portraits are professionally packed and shipped via courier (currently FedEx). Regarding damage – almost nonexistent. We answer “almost” because all items shipped via courier are prone to damage in transit. However, we currently record one case of damage in every 200 orders which is very low (0.5%). Nevertheless, we recommend placing an order for a wedding thank you for parents a little earlier – 2 or 3 weeks. We also do not send gifts at the last minute so in case of damage we can react and deliver the correct version on time.

9. Dear Parents, For your love and trust. For all the moments filled with your warmth and kind words, and for inspiration to live our life together in the values and wisdom that you have sown in us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Wedding Gift Ideas for Parents and Parents in Law

Can I order any other portraits on a different subject?

Yes, we do not limit the subjects of portraits. We can make for you: thanks for witnesses, child portrait, family portrait, wedding portrait, dog or cat portraits, etc. Write to us with your idea!

10. Dear parents! Thank you for your time, smile and sometimes tears. Thank you for your toil of upbringing and for filling our lives with a warm smile and love despite the difficult times. Thank you with all our hearts!

Wedding Thank You Gifts for Parents or Parents in Law

Do we pack the portraits in gift boxes so that they are ready to be handed over?

No. Many couples give gifts to their parents during an ongoing wedding. If you want to package the portrait in cardboard or gift paper additionally, then we leave it to you. We focus on securing the gift during transport.

Thank you for making it to this point. This is my first blog article, which was also a bit of a challenge for me. And I hope I didn’t bore you or overwhelm you with a lot of information.

Of course, the questions and our suggestions for wedding thanks have not been fully exhausted. We will prepare another article soon!

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