Interior design with a portrait

We provide comprehensive services related to the interior design of apartments and houses.

As part of cooperation with Flowerbed of Portraits, we can make a very personalized interior design consisting of your wedding portrait, portrait of a child or a dog.

Childrens room design

About our projects and cooperation

Hello! VIANN Interior Design is an interior design studio in where we design interiors of residential spaces in houses and apartments. My name is Agnieszka Rozmysłowicz, I am the owner of the studio as well as an interior designer. I would like to invite you to my world and show you unique and very personalised spaces that came to life thanks to working along with Flowerbed of Portraits.

As part of cooperation with Flowerbed of Portraits, we can design a whole interior or a single room with a personalized decorative portrait.

You can choose any portrait you like: we can make your wedding portrait, portrait of a child or a pet. The portraits are made from your photos. You can hang them on the wall or … take a look how you can use them in some other, unusual way.

They can take a form of a custom-made wallpaper, fabrics, a glass panel, door coverings etc. or if you have any other idea we’ll explore that.

If you're interested please contact us:
Phone: +48 531 999 408

What do we do?

Childrens room design 2

10 easy steps how to get a personalised interior design with your portait

Step 1: Order a basic portrait from Flowerbed of Portraits and contact me to schedule a date for an interior project. The project of one room takes no more than two weeks to prepare, for a whole apartment / house – please send an inquiry on email: Please keep in mind to contact me in advance due to possible waiting time.

Step 2: For designing your space I will need you to send me the measurements. If you don’t have an architectural layouts, let me know and I will send you an instruction on how to measure the room yourself. Don’t worry, it’s easy!

Step 3: Let’s get to know eachother. The project is 100% online. We meet via online communicator such as Skype / Zoom / Google Meetings to discuss functionality and style you’d like to see in your home. It’s great if you have collected inspirations on your computer / pinterest or in any other form – please send those on my email.

Step 4: The project started! We work on conceptual layouts for the interior and finally develop a plan in form of 2D drawing.

Step 5: I prepare for you a 3d photorealistic rendering based on the accepted layout, budget and style we discussed. It can also take a form of interactive 360 degree panoramas! You can see the idea presented in details and with your personalised portrait implemented to the interior.

Step 6: We estimate the costs of producing the portrait in the designed form. If you need to change anything let me know, you can make 2 free rounds of changes to the project.

Step 7: Conceptual project: You will receive all final renderings with all necessary data and dimensions for the portrait. The project will include a shopping list for all furniture and light fixtures I used as well as paint colours or information about materials such as: wooden floors, tiles etc. so  you’ll be able to bring that projects into life!

Step 8: If you’d like I can prepare a comprehensive technical project that includes electrical / plumbing points layout, all walls, ceilings and floors projects with data and dimensions, custom-made furniture projects (such as detailed drawings for a carpenter to prepare a kitchen, wardrobe etc.) Ask for an exemplary project!

Step 9: Order a portrait in a final form. The costs of the basic portrait you paid in step 1 will be deducted from the bill.

Step 10: Await a FedEx courier with your portrait. I hope it will look amazing!

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