Wedding thank you gifts for parents – portraits with wishes

Wedding Gift Ideas for Parents and Parents in Law 3

Wedding thank you gifts for parents – portraits with wishes

Wedding thanks to the parents – Edyta and Mariusz, is one of our first portraits prepared in the form of thanks in its floral version.

Preparing a photo for a wedding thank you gifts for parents

The entire portrait is based on your photo together, which is not a wedding photo but simply – a nice photo of the two of you. It can be a photo taken by a photographer during a professional photo shoot, but it is not necessary. We assume that when you enter the sacrament of marriage, you must have some nice photos taken with a camera or a mobile phone during a party or a walk.

Best Wedding Gifts for Parents

For preparing a portrait the quality of the photos is important as well as the arrangement of the characters. Therefore, it is best to send us a few of your photos together and we will choose the most suitable one from such a collection.

In Edyta and Mariusz’s wedding thanks to their parents, we used a photo that is amazingly characterized by a great arrangement of the characters and their even lighting.

The style of wedding thank you gifts for parents

In the next step of making a thank you gift – we will consider developing a suitable flower arrangement. In the case of these wedding gifts, the colours of the entire photo were important, especially the characters and their clothes. We can observe shades here: beige, cream, light brown, chestnut, gray and green – in short the colors are very subdued, thanks to which the sketch style portrait is very delicate. We usually make a flower arrangement on the basis of these elements, but if you like any of our portraits, just indicate it. If the photos allow it, we will try to make a similar one for you. And it does not have to be a floral arrangement from the “wedding thank you gifts for parents” category. You can choose from any portraits’ categories: wedding, children, dogs, cats, family portraits, etc.

Texts of wishes for wedding thank you gifts for parents

Thanks to the parents – as the name suggests, the main feature of the portrait in the lower part is a few sentences of your thanks.

Sometimes we are dealing with a large fragment of the text, and sometimes it is a few words, but you do not have to worry about their length, it is important that you like the thanks (text) and express what you want to convey. Matching the right proportions between the characters and the space for thanks is on our side.

Thank you texts for parents? But what?

It’s best to create something of your own, but it can be difficult. Therefore, you can use a ready wedding thank-you texts or quotes found in the Internet. We also have another idea for you! We do not want to duplicate the content of wishes from other websites – that’s why we have prepared a list of TOP 10 wedding thanks for parents – inspired by Spanish songs. And we got a pretty cool set. You can find a link to the entire article here! >CLICK<

Below we also present the text of the wedding thank-yous used on the portrait of Edith and Marius. You can use them in your thanks as well!

This is one of the most important moments in our life. We spend it with our loved ones – that is You, our beloved parents. You have always been with us, you have always loved us. On this day we thank you for being with us. For you have always supported us. For you have always been next to us. Thank you for your love and faith in our abilities.

Size of thank you gifts for parents

The portrait of Edyta and Mariusz was prepared in the 50×70 cm format, thanks to which we have a bit more space for placing wishes under the characters, but it is also worth considering the 40×50 cm and 30×40 cm format – because not everyone is an advocate of such a large format as 50×70 cm.

Please note that the 40×50 cm format is a bit smaller but also has a smaller difference between the long and short sides, and it gives the impression that the wedding thanks are “wider” and clearer.

Choosing the colour of the frame for the wedding thank you gifts

We usually make portraits on matte photographic paper that does not reflect the sun’s rays, and then we frame them in a white or black frame. When choosing the colour of the frame, do not be hastily guided by the type of celebration – assuming that white will be more suitable for a wedding.

After finishing a portrait project, you will always receive it for approval embedded in a white and black frame. This is a good time to make a decision about the frame colour. In addition, remember that it is a gift and souvenir for your parents (and not for you) and it is worth asking yourself – “Will the selected colour of the frame match the design of the room in which they will decorate the wall?”. If necessary, we can also consider a different colour scheme.


Wedding Thank You Gifts for Parents or Parents in Law 5

Thank you for making it to the end of this article! We’re still learning how to create content for the blog, but hope you found some great tips in it. And though all the information may seem like a lot, the whole portrait ordering is very easy: it will take you about 30 minutes without leaving your home.

This is what it takes: searching for a few photos together, selecting a ready text of wishes from the list we have developed and sending this information to our e-mail. All the rest of the work is on our side. Next all you have to do is approving the portrait and picking up the package from the courier.

If interested, please contact us! You can always write us on a chat (Messenger or Instagram), send an e-mail, visit our store and we will arrange all the details.

Below you can find some useful links to our gallery and store.

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Best regards,

Thomas – Mr Flowerbed.

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